Cabinet Hardware No.2


You may recognize some of these knobs and pulls as hardware from other catalog furniture. We've separated them off as individual objects so you have the opportunity to match parametric objects like cabinets and doors throughout your designs, and even create matching custom furniture pieces of your own.
Items Included:
Cabinet Hardware No.2
    Bar and Cup Pulls
        Bancroft Cup Pull 1
        Bancroft Cup Pull 2
        Bandelier Bar Pull 1
        Bandelier Bar Pull 2
        Brasilia Pull
        Cup Pull
        Eiko Cup Pull
        Elegante Bar Pull 1
        Elegante Bar Pull 2
        Leather Pull 1
        Leather Pull 2
        Moderno Bar Pull 1
        Moderno Bar Pull 2
        Naples Pull 1
        Naples Pull 2
        Patrick Bar Pull 1
        Patrick Bar Pull 2
        Rustic Pull 1
        Rustic Pull 2
        Sisu Bar Pull 1
        Sisu Bar Pull 2
        Thomas Integrated Handle 1
        Thomas Integrated Handle 2
        Alicia Knob
        Bittersweet Knob
        Claudia Knob
        Eiko Knob
        Hampton Knob 1
        Hampton Knob 2
        Harrison Knob 1
        Harrison Knob 2
        Harrison Knob 3
        Modernism Knob
        Noble Knob
        OrlaKiely Knob
        Palace Knob
        Portslade Knob
        Reclaim Knob
        Rounded Knob
        Square Knob
        Treasure Knob
        Bolt Action Latch
        Circle Bar Latch
        Circle Pin Latch
        Medicine Cabinet Latch
        Ornate Bar Latch
        Push Lever Latch
        Round Sliding Bolt
        Rustic Catch
        Square Sliding Bolt
    Ring, Bail, and Drop Pulls
        Antony Ring Pull
        Augustus Drop Pull
        Bail Pull
        Donatella Bail Pull
        Medallion Drop Pull
        Milady Bail Pull
        Milady Drop Pull
        Palace Ring Pull
        Ring Pull
        Romantic Bail Pull
        Shanghai Tab Pull
        Sideboard Ring Pull
        Siena Bail Pull
        Steffani Hoop Pull
        Suitcase Handle 1
        Suitcase Handle 2
        Suitcase Handle 3
        Tribeca Bail Pull

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