Recreation No.2 Theater and Music


3D Library - Recreation No.2 Theater and Music

Theater Objects. Design a Stage, Home Theater, Performance Theater, or Auditorium using these objects.

Items included:

Recreation No.2 Theater and Music
        Drama Masks
        Popcorn Machine
        Rope Barrier
        Rope Barrier Post
        Stage Curtains
        Stage Curtains Closed
        Stage Curtains Open
        Fresnel Light
        Light Truss
        Light Truss (empty)
        Louvered Aisle Light
        Par Light
        Rectangular Aisle Light
        Round Aisle Light (floor)
        Round Aisle Light (wall)
        Acoustic Guitar
        Dholak Drum
        Djembe Drum
        Drum Kit
        Electric Guitar 1
        Electric Guitar 2
        Grand Piano - Closed
        Grand Piano - Open
        Grand Piano - Partially Open
        Keyboard on Stand
        Music Stand
        Piano - Upright
        Piano Bench
        Upright Bass
    Platforms and Risers
        Choir Risers
        Rectangle Stage
        Runway Stage
        Small Stage
        Stairs - 16 in
        Stairs - 24 in
        Stairs - 8 in
        2-Chair Beam
        3-Chair Beam
        4-Chair Beam
        Auditorium Seat Closed
        Auditorium Seat Closed Left
        Auditorium Seat Closed Right
        Auditorium Seat Open
        Auditorium Seat Open Left
        Auditorium Seat Open Right
        Home Theater Seat
        Home Theater Seat (reclined fully)
        Home Theater Seat (reclined halfway)
        Home Theater Seat Left
        Home Theater Seat Left (reclined)
        Home Theater Seat Right
        Home Theater Seat Right (reclined)
        Mic 414
        PA Speaker W Stand
        PA Speaker W Sub
        PA Sub
        Powered 8 Channel Mixer
        Speaker - Mid and High
        Speaker - Monitor
        Speaker - Sub Woofer
        Wireless Mic

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I've used this program sin e 2011. Musical instruments were free until most recently. Now, any design that I have created with same, the instruments are gone. That's not right.


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I'm not sure what the designer was using for reference, but an upright piano is typically 60-65 inches wide, not 91 like this monstrosity.

Every time I add the upright piano to a design I have to correct their error.

Also, there should be three grand pianos, but the catalog actually contains just one...the "open" option.



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I've been using this software for a number of years and keep mine current (up-to-date). Why all of a sudden are pianos no longer available as part of the included library like before? It's ridiculous - you should grandfather in libraries, not take away elements we'd already paid for in the past. This is wrong.

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I've been using this software for over 10 years and thought I was losing my mind because I could no longer place a piano in my room plan.  I update every year and have purchased a large

number of library catalogues to give my clients the latest design looks and make my plans look professional.  Looks like I'm buying another catalogue!  Why wouldn't you create an apartment size piano

which is what many homeowners have, it seems to be the most common size.  Instead of taking advantage of long time customers, why don't the developers come up with more comprehensive

and updated upholstered sectional pieces?  I'd be happy to purchase better furniture catalogues than the ones that exist.  Noah called and he wants your sofa & sectionals back...

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