MEP No.4 Fire Sprinklers


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Find sprinkler heads, compressors, water storage tanks, and valves for specifying home fire sprinkler systems. Sprinkler heads will place near the ceiling when inserted in Plan View. Chief Architect Users can leverage molding polylines with a round profile to create the pipe connections between components.

Items included:

MEP No.4 Fire Sprinklers
    Backflow Preventers
        Backflow Preventer
        Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer
        Compressor System
    Sprinkler Heads
        Flat Concealed Sprinkler
        Grooved Check Valve
        Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler Head
        Pendant Sprinkler Head
        Upright Sprinkler Head
    Water Storage
        Low Profile 110 Gallon Tank
        Low Profile 300 Gallon Tank
        Vertical 1000 Gallon Tank
        Vertical 300 Gallon Tank
        Vertical 435 Gallon Tank
        Vertical 95 Gallon Tank

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