Kitchen Accessories No.1 Cookware

3D Library - Kitchen Accessories No.1 Cookware

Kitchen Accessories including cookware, bakeware, culinary tools and utensils, and spices and condiments. First of 5 catalogs refreshed and derived from the "Kitchen Accessories" group of items.

Items included:

Kitchen Accessories No.1 Cookware
        Cookie Sheet
        Loaf Pan
        Muffin Pan
        Oval Dutch Oven
        Rectangular Roasting Dish
        Roasting Pan
        Rolling Pin
        Rolling Pin and Peg Stand
        Round Cake Pan
        Round Dutch Oven
        10" Frying Pan
        12" Frying Pan
        8" Frying Pan
        Cast Iron Griddle
        Enameled Cast Iron Pot
        Fajita Griddle
        Large Stock Pot w/ Lid
        Round Deep Skillet
        Sauce Pan
        Sauce Pan w/ Lid
        Saute Pan w/ Lid
        Splatter Guard
        Square Grill Pan
        Stacked Pans
        Stock Pot w/ Lid 1
        Stock Pot w/ Lid 2
    Kitchen Tools
        Knives & Cutting
            Chef's Knife
            Cutting Board
            Kitchen Shears
            Knife Block
            Meat Cleaver
        Processing Tools
            Digital Food Scale
            Egg Slicer
            Fruit Juicer
            Meat Grinder
            Mortar and Pestle
            Bottle Opener
            Ice Cream Scoop
            Scraper Spatula
            Wooden Pasta Spoon
            Wooden Salad Fork
            Wooden Salad Spoon
            Wooden Scraper
            Wooden Spoon, Large
            Wooden Spoon, Small
            Wooden Wok Spoon
            Wooden Wok Utensil
    Spices & Condiments
        Condiment Set
        Oil/Vinegar Bottle
        Pepper Grinder
        Salt Shaker & Pepper Grinder
        Spice Carousel
        Spice Carousel Double Tier
        Spice Rack
        Spice Rail

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Should this work in Home Designer Pro 2020? Because I can't find in anywhere in library..


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I have a perfect blue melamine bowl that I love. It is so perfect it has never caused me to break the egg yolks of my morning eggs. I got it from an online kitchen accessories dubai store after I was convinced and I haven't find another one like it.

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