MEP No.2 Water Supply and Drainage


3D Library - MEP No.2 Water Supply and Drainage

Water Supply and Drainage Catalog. Water management items, includes gutters, drain grates, downspouts, and holding tanks.

Items included:

MEP No.2 Water Supply and Drainage
        In Ground Drainage
            16x16 Drain Box Concrete w Grate
            Atrium Grate
            Discharge Line Outlet
            Drain Channel 45
            Drain Channel 90
            Drain Channel Straight
            Green Atrium Grate
            Gutter Drain
            Popup Drainage Emitter
            Underground Drain Box
        Platform Drainage
            Balcony/Patio Circular Drain
            Balcony/Patio Square Drain
            Flat Roof Drain
    Drainage Grates
        Drainage Grate 1
        Drainage Grate 10
        Drainage Grate 2
        Drainage Grate 3
        Drainage Grate 4
        Drainage Grate 5
        Drainage Grate 6
        Drainage Grate 7
        Drainage Grate 8
        Drainage Grate 9
        Stormwater Drainage Grate
    Gutters and Downspouts
        Conductor Heads and Ports
            Gutter Port
            Downspout (w/ 2 offsets)
            Downspout (w/ offset)
            Rain Chain - Long
            Rain Chain - Short
        Elbows and Offsets
            'A' Elbow
            'A' Offset
            'B' Elbow
            'B' Offset
        End Caps
            Curved Fascia
            Fascia Cap
            Half Round Cap
            Ogee Cap
    Street Drainage and Access
        Circular Manhole
        Curb Inlet
        Curb Inlet 2
        Curb Inlet 3
        Gas Line Cover - Round
        Gas Line Cover - Square
        Square Manhole Cover
    Water Collection
        Balloon Water Tower
        Rainwater Cistern
        Rainwater Tank
        Septic Tank
        Tankage System
        Underground Rainwater Tank
        Water Tower

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