Fireplace Chimneys


Fireplaces No.2 Chimneys

Items Included:
    Chimney Corbels
        Chimney Corbel Dentil Trim 1
        Chimney Corbel Dentil Trim 2
        Chimney Corbel Double Flue
        Chimney Corbel Stepped
        Chimney Corbel Two Tier
    Chimney Hardware
        Chimney Top Damper
        Chimney Top Damper - Accordion
        Clean Out Door
        Damper Control - Chain
        Damper Control - Poker 
        Damper Control - Rotary 
        Damper Gate
        Damper Hook
        Fireplace Blower
    Chimney Pots
        Chimney Pot Anchor Bonnet
        Chimney Pot Bonnet
        Chimney Pot Cathedral
        Chimney Pot Dry Top
        Chimney Pot Edwardian
        Chimney Pot Mathis
        Chimney Pot Mini Edwardian
        Chimney Pot Rain Guard
        Chimney Pot Windsor
    Chimney Tops and Caps
        Concrete Chimney Cap Double Flue
        Concrete Chimney Cap Single Flue
        Concrete Chimney Top
        Cone Top Chimney Cap
        Multi Flue Chimney Cap
        Round Chimney Cap
        Single Flue Chimney Top
        Wind Directional Chimney Cap

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