Shed Dormer Wall Issues


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Hey All,


Designing a garage with upstairs living space and running into a couple of issues with the roof/shed dormer.  I am using designer pro 2020.

-I am unable to figure out how to have the exterior wall that separates the two roof pitches(shed dormer) not extend into the interior space.  I have a attached a picture of what I am ideally looking for vs what the in program picture looks like.

-Due to the way i created the upstairs space, I am running into various errors about ceiling heights, which are kind of all over the place to get the roof I wanted.  Not sure the best work around for that is.  The current plan is to have the ceiling vaulted upstairs, but we may need to add exposed collar ties.  I would like to be able to work on the upstairs interior and experiment with living space layouts without those errors.


We are excited about the prospect of building this and any help is very much appreciated, thank you in advance!!

Shed Dormer Wall.JPEG

Blue Hill Garage.plan Garage Dormer Wall Issue.pdf

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