Help with unlocking the locked top plate elevation


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OK, I am new to Chief Architect, and I am sure there is a simple way to edit this, but I am lost in finding it.  I am starting a new remodel project by building the existing plan.  The exisitng structure has 84" high exterior walls, 4/12 roof slope with cathedral ceilings, however, the top plate elevation is locked at 109 1/8" and I cannot find how to change this to the required 84".  I have the ceiling heights set to 84" and the default 1st floor set to 84", but the sections and elevations are still showing the higher plate height.  Any help appreciated.

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 12.44.59 PM.png

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I am a Chief Architect 14 user, and an Architect.  I placed the question here based on your comment on ChiefTalk.  Do you have a solution to the issue?

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Note this is the forum for Chief Architect. Home Designer users go to

If you are a Home Designer user, please delete your thread via Moderator Actions at the top of the page and repost on HomeTalk.




Home Designer is an entry level software by Chief Architect, and HomeTalk is the forum for users of that software.


Since you are using Chief, you belong on ChiefTalk.


Please refer to my Welcome message to learn how to fill out your signature -- over on ChiefTalk, not here.


It's often helpful to have a simple plan file that demonstrates the problem to review.

Exit from Chief before you attach, and there is a 14MB file size limit.


Images (screen captures, not pictures from a camera) also help.


Did you review the comment on ChiefTalk?


And please delete this thread via Moderator Actions near the top of the page.

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