Adding terrain perimeter causes some objects to move below terrain?!


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This one is just... strange.

If I add a terrain perimeter to my plan, some objects slide underneath the terrain!

It's as if, just for those objects, the zero-level of the main floor is now the terrain's zero instead of the real floor zero.

I have played with various settings and can't find anything that would cause this. Any ideas out there?


A screen grab of with/without is below. 

What moves:

   - a 4'x4' concrete slab at the bottom of the stairs, set 21" below  main floor level

   - all of the deck fascia boards. They are constructed using the "soffit" object, and are at main floor level (descending 12" down)


(sorry for the tiny picture. I had to zoom out far enough to show the edge of the terrain perimeter!)

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Tech support confirms: this is a bug. (For some objects, terrain is treated as the floor)


Workaround for my objects:

  • Slab: set base to "absolute" instead of "floor"
  • Soffit: uncheck "auto adjust height"
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