Measurements are not adding up???


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HELP!! I am new here and have the most BASIC of questions. I'm working on translating a hand made blue print onto Home Designer Architectural.  There is a 60" wall with a 36" fridge and a 24" cabinet on it. Should fit, right? because 36+24=60!! Nope!!! My program has my cabinet hanging way off!! In order for this to fit, the wall is 62 1/2"...WHY?? Same goes for multiple other walls in the kitchen. There is one wall that is 57" and is suppose to have a 24"pantry, a 9" cabinet and a 24" dishwasher..but nope! The program is forcing me to have a 61 1/2" wall!! What the heck? I am so frustrated. What is up with the basic math?? Please help!!!! mom's kitchen.plan


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