Soffit placed under half-hip roof


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I have a problem for which I cannot find a solution in tutorials or help pages and am also stuck with my own ideas.


I would like to place a soffit under my half-hip roof. This works where to roof plane is flat but how can I achieve this under the whole roof? Problem is that I cannot freely form the soffit (at leas as far as I know).


I placed the soffit in the attic floor and checked to box "Place under roof".


This looks good so far:



If I extend the soffit the edge is not covered and I cannot create a triangle shaped soffit.




Any idea how I could achieve that. And in the end it only needs to look good, I don't care whether it is a soffit or something else. What I want to achieve is a ceiling to cover the roof following it's form.

Plan is attached.


Best regards,


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