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I have already rented Home Archtect Pro for 2 months with the right to buy. Due to circumstances on my part, the rent has expired for more than a month. My question is, do I have to rent the software again from the beginning for 12 months or can I continue with it for the remaining 10 months?


Regards, Henk

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Hello Henk,


Welcome to the Home designer forum.


Sorry to say but according to the rental FAQ on home designer website (look for rental FAQ next to rent to buy button) it says that if you miss a payment, credit card is declined then you have to restart your rental and restart your purchase to buy Home Designer. Since it has been a month according to what you said it looks like you have to restart your rental in order to purchase in monthly payments. 


I wish I had better news for you. But that's what according to their rental FAQ says.


Kind regards,



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