Copy a "material" from an imported 3d object to use elsewhere in your plan

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Desire:  Take an imported object, and copy the texture/material/color from part of that object so you can use it on another object:


Ex:  I can import a roof design from a manufactures color pallet on 3d-warehouse and take the "green" roof color from the pallet and add it to my library so I can apply that roofing to my structure


Steps to do this:

1) place the object in your plan   It will be a 2d object probably 

2) in 3d mode, select that object and right/ctrl click on it.  

3) Choose "find original in library..." which it will not (unless you have it, and then viola you are done)

4) A dialog allowing you to pick the item you want to "pull" from that to add to your material library by selecting the checkbox; press OK .  You should see it added to your User Catalog

5) Select another object in your plan, the one you want to have the material applied to; and select the new material from the material browser. 


I hope this helps others find out how to take imported materials and apply them to your objects...


Home Designer Architect 2021



Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 3.17.11 PM.png

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