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I asked this back in 2015 and did not get a satisfactory answer. Now that I upgraded to HD2020, I am posing the question again. And yes David, I already watched the online tutorial and looked up the reference manual.

I understand that every project will have its own material list. But I want to be able to maintain a single master list of the material pricing. When I estimate jobs right now I use an Excel spreadsheet with hundreds of items in it. I have to input every single wall, every floor, ceiling, roof, etc to get to the final number. I use this primarily for ordering material, not so much for pricing a job for the customer. For that I do it differently.

It would be nice to be able to maintain a master list in the same manner that I currently maintain my spreadsheet by updating the material costs occasionally. But, unless I am doing it wrong, when I open the master list, it is empty. Even though I have created several lists for projects.

Which now leads me to my next question. When I input a price for an item in the project material list, the total cost is less than it should be. For example, 20 sheets of Exterior ply costs $300 at $15 each. But the program calcs this at $292.50.


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