Multi story building apartment- 5 - 8 - floors

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Hi All.. 

 I would like to know if anyone can point me in the direction of how to create a multi story apartment building.


I have seen a few in the gallery of images and think they are great..


I am posting a sample plan of a condo unit for you to see - I have done the catwalk, and balcony.

However, this is a single family structure with a pitched roof.


I have been looking in the videos but they are for single family homes with multi floors.


If you know of something for me to read or watch, I would be most appreciative.


Here is a sample file of a condo unit, - I have attached 2 files for you to see.  

In essence, these would be one of each of the various models in the building.


I don't know if this means anything, but I wanted you to see what I would love to do..


I apologize in advance if this is somewhere that I have not discovered yet. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction so that I can master creating a 5 - 8 story apartment building.


Really appreciate your feedback.





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  • Found it... I was using the wrong terminology - Duplicating floor. is the right terminology .
  • Anyway - I will keep this up here in case anyone is looking for it...It is from 2015 - but still helped create the solution  I was looking for..

Here is the link in case anyone in the future wants to know how to make a multi story building - just duplicate the floor..


Thanks to the Resources team for creating this... I typically find the answers after writing a question to the forum.. It is like clockwork.. The answer seems to appear after I ask for help.


Thank you forum for always helping to lead me to the answers... Both with the kind people that  help and all of the great info on the forum...


I do hope that this helps someone in the future that is looking to create a midrise - multi-story building.


All the Best...



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