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I am trying to design "tiny home communities" that fit into existing in town lots <1acre. My tiny homes are already designed and just need to be positioned on the lots based on setbacks, space utilization, site design, etc. 

Are there are resources that show the best way to do this? 


Specifically, I have not been able to figure out how to:

- Freeze/lock lot lines so you don't keep moving them accidentally when moving the houses

- Freeze/lock setbacks so you don't keep moving them accidentally when repositioning the houses

- Convert a home into an object do I can be easily moved around a site plan



I am using Home Designer Pro on a Mac. 



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Chief has the tools to do this easily, Home Designer does not.


You can Lock layers, like your CAD lines.


I would create a shape that represents each house from a Slab or similar object and position these objects on the plat plan.


Once positioned, you could move each house into place.

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Please post questions in Q&A. Tips & Techniques is where you share your tips and techniques.


21 minutes ago, Chrisw1 said:

Does that mean I'd have to work in both versions to create a single site plan with designed homes?


Not sure what "both versions" you are referring to.

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