how to rename saved materials list tab

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Hello Everyone

I created 5 plans essentially of the same room but different layouts. I also created a material list for each one of them and named them relative to the layouts. Unfortunately one of them was named wrong. I can't seem to figure out how to rename the material list tab.  It only offers a "save", but not a "save as". I figured I could delete it and create another one with the proper name but does anyone know of a more straight forward way.

Okay, Thanks for any input.


materials list tab to be renamed.jpg

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Hello again

Well I went hunting and found the place to edit the saved materials list folder. Since I didn't find any videos or info online, here is the steps I took to change the tab name.

I closed out any material lists and went up to the Tools tab / then to the Material Lists in the drop down / next down to the Material list management tab. There is an option to Edit or Rename the tab. Voila. Hope this helps any other newbies.

Thanks, Bernard

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