Roof Problems

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I am having three problems and they might be all related.

1) My manual roof plans will not join.

2) I cant seem to build attic walls that will join to higher roof plane.

3) I have put in scissor trusses and standard trusses, but framing overview shows both trusses and rafters. Do i need to delete each rafter or is something not right?

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

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The Chief forum is


Same login info should work there. Please fill out your signature when you get there.


That roof will easily auto build, so I'll suggest trying that first.


Go to Edit>Delete Objects to remove the unwanted framing.


Spend some time studying how the program works :)


Lots of videos and articles on the Chief website and the Chief YouTube channel has good videos as well.

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