I think I've lost my floorplan in outer space


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I'm not sure what I did but I cannot find my floorplan. I can use "Doll house View" and see it. I can use "Perspective Full View" and see it. I can use "Framing View" and see it, but I cannot find it on the screen. The coordinates in the bottom bar show outrageously large numbers suggesting that I have left the planet. I have found the coordinates for the plan on the other views. Is there any way to enter the coordinates to jump to that part of the screen? Using the hand to move "the plan" around has not helped. Using the arrows or the mouse in an attempt to slide the plan into view has not either. The numbers have so many digits it is almost impossible to tell which way the number is changing. 


X: is about 12 billion " and Y is a negative number but is not in view because of all the room X is taking!

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