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  1. Solver...once again you come to the rescue. You helped me with some issues on my house plan a few months ago. The house is in construction now. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Steve
  2. When I add that wall, the Floor Structure changes by about 12" but the field is greyed out and I can not change it. Shop11:8:18.plan
  3. Thanks Rookie65, but all interior walls are "Interior-6" and all exterior walls are "Siding-6". I did try an "Interior-4" and had the same results. If I delete that one wall, the floor and window jump to the correct locations.
  4. I am designing my shop and have encountered a strange thing. When I add a wall to define the office and bathroom the floor structure changes in that room as does the window elevation. Without the wall: With the wall: I have deleted the plumbing fixtures thinking maybe the program was trying to make space for plumbing but that did not help.
  5. Jo_Ann, thanks for the suggestion. I'm only putting the bonus room above the garage though. That is because, the living space in that end of the house has 9' ceilings. The garage will be a step or two lower than that so I'm dropping the ceiling in the garage to 9' so I'll have a bit of additional head room for the bonus room. That also shortens the stairs needed to reach the bonus room. I am considering some attic trusses over the living space, though it will have a higher floor level, it will still be useable for storage. I appreciate your help on this project. Steve
  6. Jo_Ann, that worked. Thank you. It makes sense now. When I met with the truss guy and my builder yesterday, my eave overhangs changed from 15" to 24". Eric, thank you also. My "Edit" page is different than the one you showed. What matters though is that it works now! The 2' closets help and I did make the measurement changes you recommended. That end of the house was a very late night reshuffle to make room for the bonus room stairs. My wife really wants to fold her laundry on a counter in front of the window so I'll have to work out a dryer vent. The 2' entry closet did allow the appliances to slide back so they don't hinder the cabinet in the corner. I am thankful there is a place to get help and you both were so kind. I appreciate it. Steve
  7. Only place I see to select Hip is on returns. Tried that and no change. Deleted the roof and I can see the full gable wall as I should.
  8. Hello again, Eric. Here is what I'm trying to make on the other end of the house.
  9. I have finished my house plans and met with the truss engineer yesterday. I have been making a lot of copies for him with inside and outside measurements as well as printing the floor plan and elevations. Now, one end of the house is not looking like it is supposed to (and did earlier). I am using a gable with a Dutch Hip above the garage doors. (I've used the same roof line on the other end of the house and it worked fine.) I am attaching screen shots of the plan, which shows the dormer roof line, the "Edit" screen for the smaller garage door showing the Full Gable Wall button selected and a picture of the garages with a HIP ROOF! If I edit the larger garage door wall to make it a "Full Gable Wall" then both of the gables work! Please help me solve this mystery! Thanks
  10. I'm not sure what I did but I cannot find my floorplan. I can use "Doll house View" and see it. I can use "Perspective Full View" and see it. I can use "Framing View" and see it, but I cannot find it on the screen. The coordinates in the bottom bar show outrageously large numbers suggesting that I have left the planet. I have found the coordinates for the plan on the other views. Is there any way to enter the coordinates to jump to that part of the screen? Using the hand to move "the plan" around has not helped. Using the arrows or the mouse in an attempt to slide the plan into view has not either. The numbers have so many digits it is almost impossible to tell which way the number is changing. X: is about 12 billion " and Y is a negative number but is not in view because of all the room X is taking!
  11. Eric, thank you very much for your help. I recognized the sources of most of those wall problems on the front porch. It has taken several tries to get that to work but it is making more sense now. I was able to make most of the repairs with your wonderful video help. I have not tackled the use of the wedges to complete the gable walls. I have been working a little with a designer who uses the pro version so I hope he will take care of that for me. Again, I sincerely appreciate all of your help. Steve
  12. Here's the plan: FreemanRH4:16.plan
  13. Thanks "solver". I have added a signature. I also found the button that allowed me to see your signature. Thought I was going blind, because I could not see your example! Next, I'll try to figure out how to post "the plan".