Ok y'all...I know this is user error and it's probably a simple fix...but I have researched and watched countless help videos and can't figure out how to fix this...   I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018...   I was having problem with the gable roof, but a forum user helped me with that with step-by-step instructions...roof fixed, but then INTERIOR WALLS and CEILING in my great room/kitchen went wackadoo!   Please help me fix this so it's a vaulted ceiling from my front door all the way back to the back sliders...   The vaulted height is 14' ...   Please don't judge...I know there are other issues I need to fix...but one thing at a time, and for now, I'm stuck on this!   See pics and plan below...   Thank you in advance!   Tracey     NICOHA_-_ROOF_FIX_-_floor_plan.plan