Please tell me how to draw this light shaft...

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...preferably so that I can create it and save it as an architectural block and stick it in my user library.  The way I have done it in the illustrations is by drawing a small room using my internal wall default but it is a bugger to move around as I have to click on all four walls before I can do so.


I also need the internal points to be exactly 2400mm from corner to corner and the points to be centred on the air gaps in the walls but whatever I try and do to achieve this results in an absolute abomination.  Looking at it I also don't think I have managed to get a perfect 90º of the corners either. :(


post-52-0-58744500-1411994151_thumb.jpg  post-52-0-51467800-1411994180_thumb.jpg



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Keith, I would suggest you select one of the light shafts walls, open the dbx and take a look at the wall angle and also the wall length in the same dbx. You can make adjustments there that may do what you need as far as wall angle and exact length. Of course this is MY best guess. I used this approach on the plan in the snip to insure all the walls were the same length and correct angle. A little slower I suppose but for me, more accurate.


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Thank you for your reply.  I tried very hard to get what I wanted but gave up in the end and went for this instead..



...and by some fluke I also managed to create this on the roof.  Yay me!  :ph34r:



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