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Have a pole barn structure in which I have added 2 small rooms, a bathroom and a foyer at the rear of structure.


Original structure has no ceiling but the ceiling height is 180 1/2". At rear the ceiling height is 130 1/8".


The two rooms are to be framed with 8' walls. When I drew the interior walls as needed, one wall extended the full height to the roofline. The other walls remained at the normal height. I then clicked inside each room and tweaked the ceiling height and checked the Ceiling over this room box and added a 5/8: ceiling finish. The space above the ceiling will be used for storage.


In camera view the ceiling is missing. I checked the display options and everything needed to display a ceiling is checked.


So, why did the first wall extend itself all the way to the roof, and why is the ceiling missing?


Is this yet another case in which I will need to manually place framing members to "simulate" a part of the structure that should (in my opinion) exist already?


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because it assumes you want walls at the same height as the existing walls/floor defaults , normally if you know you want a mezzanine floor you build the structure as a two story structure with an open below area on the second floor where you want the two story height .


you will find other posts here is you search mezzanine  but here is a KB Article too:





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