How to add a surface texture on a 3D wall

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I built a fireplace using stacked stone.  It extends out to the outside of the house (the firebox "bulge").  I understand that the material specification for the fireplace can only be one material, so how do I show that the outside of the house "bulge" of the fireplace is another material, such as the external brick on the house or a specified material other than the stacked stone?  I can't use 2D boxes to cover it and a wall specification does not seem appropriate.  What is the best way to cover the stacked stone "bulge"?


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Keep the Fireplace Flush with the Ext. Wall , and build the chimney/chase separately wide enough to cover the "bulge". Then apply whatever material you like to it. 


Instead of using the Fireplace tool there are Fireplaces in the Library , eg Rustic Fireplace 1 and 2  which are architectural blocks which can be then exploded and a different material assigned to the Chimney/brick material in the "bulge" ( or any of it components)




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