Creating a lift (elevator). Any suggestions...


Recommended Posts to how I might draw this on my plan?


I have created the lift shaft and  a door opening but my searches reveal nothing in the available CA libraries that will help me to shove a lift into the shaft.





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Do you really need a Lift / Elevator ? there are Elevator buttons in the Library and you can put in a double ( bypass) slab door with no casing , and make the door materials Stainless Steel , I think it should look fine.



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Hi Keith , I had a quick play and actually set the casing to 60mm ,changed the materials to my brushed vertical stainless steel ( I posted a while back) , and changed the material on the call switch to the same S.Steel. Doesn't look bad but not sure of your needs....



Edit I realised after posing the pic I could save these to my library (1500mm and 1200mm and the switch)
so I export the library for you.  Done in Version 10 so any version 10 and above it should work for unzip the file and import the calibz as normal.




edit 2

I imported these doors into 2015 Pro Trial tonight , the 3D pic in the library looks like a square block for some reason ( unlike in Pro 10) but it posts into the Plan like it should.

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Oooo!  Thank you.  I'll give that a go.  I did find something on that 3D Warehouse place but it wasn't quite to my taste and I couldn't figure out how to change the finishes because when I opened the object all the options were totally alien to me and made no sense whatsoever.    :rolleyes:

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