Easiest way to show "before" and "after" in a plan?


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I am just getting started ... but I am trying to create a few options for knocking down a back wall and building an addition ... so I want to be able to flip through a few with my wife to show her our current house and a few options.


Any thoughts?

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One way....


draw up the existing house , then do a "save as"  with and add an extra name like _Option1  or _Rev.1 (-9) to the Name,  than you'll have a few backups of the plan ( if it all goes pear shaped) and a few to change till your/Her heart is content , once narrowed down, do another "Save As"  with a new name extended name like _Final .


I usually have   _Existing




Files in my Project Folder , along with a back up of each just incase....ie add _BU to end of each name.



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