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  1. DJP, thanks a bunch, I believed that worked for the garage. Here are the steps I performed: 1. Plan, Default Settings-Floor-Edit and set the rough ceiling height to 97 1/2". 2. Plan, Default Settings-Foundation-Monolithic Slab. 3. Done 4. Built a structure and then attached another structure. 5. Main Room, Open Object-General-Room Type-Family and left all settings like they were. 6. Garage, Open Object-General-Room Type-Garage and left all setting like they were. 7. It now looks like the garage floor is 4" lower than the main house floor, so it worked, thank you! However, when I added some railing for a front porch, and made it Room Type-Porch it appeared to be same level a main house floor, so I changed it to Room Type-Garage and it lowed it 4", which is what we currently have. I'm trying to duplicate our current home so we can remodel. Thanks again!!
  2. How do I show garage and porch 4" lower than main house floor with monolithic slab. Our home on monolithic slab and the garage and porch are 4 inches lower. I had been assigning rooms, such as garage and porch and then putting "-4" in the Floor (D) field and wondering if that is the correct way to go about it?
  3. Will give that a shot, but will I be able to drop the front porch slab down 4" from the main house slab? This is all monolithic slab construction.
  4. I am using the Room Divider too tool to add a front porch and when I draw the lines I am tying to keep them in line with the Main Wall Layer but they are always 1/2" short. When I try to move the Room Divider line to the end of the first Room Divider line they snap back and are 1/2" short?
  5. Figured it out... Edit -> Default Settings -> Plan -> Snap Grid / Snap Unit, change to 1/16" -> Done.
  6. Trying to snap to 1/16 of an inch, but seems to snap at 1" increments only?
  7. My hand not steady on cursor movement, anyway to lock walls so dimensions don't change or is there good technique for not moving walls once the basic structure is setup?
  8. solver and LawB10, thanks for reply. I have gotten the Upper Pitch to work somewhat and will be starting numerous topic shortly...
  9. I just bought Suite and I could not find where it said it would not build porch roof when two different roof pitches are being used. Seems that is a pretty common situation. The main roof is 10/12 and I'm trying to put a 4/12 wrap around roof on the house. is this possible in Suite?