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  1. GenghisKant

    Reconstructing Family Home without Plans

    Update 1: Land Dimensions I did a little digging, trying to find the local owners association/body corporate and managed to get the size and elevation (I think) of the land parcel that my grandparents lived on and with the subdivision plans, which don't give me anything, except those dimensions. It's not much, but it's a start. Thanks team, I really appreciate all your help, I'll keep you posted. GK.
  2. GenghisKant

    Reconstructing Family Home without Plans

    G'day Pat, I just recently discovered Google's Historical Image feature, Google Earth goes back to 2008, the house was demolished in 2004, unfortunately. It's in Geelong, I still have family in the area, so I might get them to do a drive-by for the body corporate details. to see if I can't get the plans that way. What an awesome story you have, that's so inspiring. I'm so incredibly impressed!
  3. GenghisKant

    Reconstructing Family Home without Plans

    I had concentrated on the actual plans from the local council, who will only release original plans to the owners or the owners corporation (similar to a Homeowners Association stateside). I'm going to try to leverage (read as: plead with) the owners corporation to let me have the plans. That's such a great story that you managed to get the house drawn up, that gives me such hope. How true the words of that famous song are.
  4. GenghisKant

    Reconstructing Family Home without Plans

    Tom, This is a great idea! And, a tremendous use of graph paper that I have lying around from a recent math class. I shall get started right away!
  5. GenghisKant

    Reconstructing Family Home without Plans

    The original house unfortunately has been demolished, so I can't rally the family to go invite themselves in with a tape-measure (don't I wish!) Thanks for the ideas though, I'll do a thorough Google Search.
  6. GenghisKant

    Reconstructing Family Home without Plans

    Thank you so much! For the time being, I'll focus on learning the software. I think, honestly, I want it to "feel" like the original, not neccessarily to be a replica, I shall add specs to my signature, also. Many thanks again, GK
  7. GenghisKant

    Reconstructing Family Home without Plans

    Boy, do I have a cracker of a project. And I have no idea where to start. My grandparents family home was the house we all grew up in, we spent countless holidays and weekends at their property. In 2000, my grandparents sold the property and it was subsequently subdivided into a series of units. We all collectively miss the house, but I have an especially nostalgic view of the house. In an attempt to perhaps one day, build my own version of the house I attempted to get the original plans for the planning office - only to be told that the owners of the new property must request it. The trouble being, I'm in the United States, and the house is in a small town in Australia. I'll attempt to gain favor from the body corporate when I return to Australia on holiday. So, without the plans, I petitioned my family for any and all photos of the house, to try to reconstruct it. So far, the photos collection is small - but it's growing. Chief Architect looks like it's more than up to the task, but I'm a complete beginner. I do have two assets that I'm aware of: time and discipline. My question is: How would I even get started on such a task, specifically taking designs from photos and memory, does anyone have advice? All the best, GK.