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    Patio Slab

    Signature updated. Thank you!
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    Patio Slab

    I am using CA Suite. Every time I attempt to install a rear porch with a slab the slab is recessed 4" inside the stem wall, see pic. I have monolithic slab selected in defaults. the floor elevation is default of "0". Structure parameters show a 4" stem wall. I cannot get rid of it.
  3. Plan file is attached. Signature is complete. A-1_Complete.7z
  4. I am using Home Designer Suite 2017. The home is built. When I add the flat roof porch it drops drywall over the windows making it look like a partially shut window shade. The front porch image below shows the problem. The height of the porch ceiling is 102". The height of all the interior ceilings is 126". I have used soffits to drop the ceilings in the two bedrooms on the right and left to 108" and the entry ceiling height to 96". Interior ceiling height reaches 126" in the living room. I have made sure the parapet walls of the 2nd floor are aligned but it doesn't matter if I have the second floor built or not, the program still drops the drywall over the windows with no 2nd floor. It does not drop the ceilings in the adjacent rooms. Anyone else experience this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.