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    distortion in objects when placing in 3d camera view

    Thank you all for all your great suggestions. By moving the camera further away and making it point more 'straight on' to the wall it seemed to work better. I think though that I am finding it easiest to place objects by not using the camera view at all but just using the regular layout view. Objects like cabinets seem to pop into place better and align better. Then when I switch to camera view it looks just the way I want. This was especially true when I was trying to rearrange cabinets behind a kitchen island. Otherwise I had to move the island out of the way, juggle around the cabinets (moved some to right or left) and then put the island back in place. I couldn't do this at all with the camera view because the island was in the way. I seem to be getting better at it now. Ed
  2. I have home designer architectural 2016. I seem to have made good progress with my project plan remodeling the kitchen. I do run into a problem I can't figure out. I have watched the tutorials on youtube and have seen how easy it is to place cabinets in layout view and in 3d view. The issue happens when I place a floor camera and it gives a great realistic perspective of a kitchen I have in a corner. When I go to place objects like cabinets in this view they distort to give the correct 'perspective' and seem to get their dimensions messed up. If I were just to place cabinets against a wall that I am facing the camera directly at (90 degrees) I don't have the same issue. The cabinets just maintain their 'square' look. Perhaps you have to be 'squarely' facing the wall you are placing cabinets on in 3d view in order for it to work? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.