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  1. Hi. I use the SketchUp 3D Warehouse to download a lot of items. I have had no problem with this in the past. However, I downloaded an item and as I was importing it, I the program froze (I got the rainbow spinning wheel on my mac) so I decided to force quit the application after a few minutes of waiting. When I went back in to continue working on my project, I got a message saying "File being read is terminated early." I assumed this meant that the file I attempted to import was terminated because I force quit the program. Then when I click "OK" I can't see anything in my plan. I tried many things such as zooming in and out, refreshing the display, trying to view it in a 3D view and nothing happened. I am very upset because I have worked very hard on this project. I am attaching the plan. Georgian - Master Bedroom.plan