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    Dormer wall connections

    Thank you for your advise. The nudging appears to be the answer. It appears that once a wall has got the dormer parts "out of Sync" no amount of correcting (at least with my feeble attempts) will get it back together, It is easier to just start over with a new dormer. I think there are so many structural attributes in the auto dormer process (I also have the same problem in a manual dormer) that it only takes one wrong move to throw the program in to turmoil. Using my roller mouse, even with object and grid snaps on did not have the accuracy to move walls the incremental amount needed before an extra pixel would blow the thing apart. Setting my "nudge" on 6 pixel (1/4 inch) enabled me to move a wall/object just enough to avoid the "explosion". Using your suggestions and the 1/4 inch nudge I have managed to construct 6 experimental dormer/wall configurations without an explosion. Now I just have to see if I can repeat it all. Thanks
  2. wetdogroger

    Dormer wall connections

    First I am new to Chief Pro and still on a learning curve, so forgive my ignorance. I am having a problem getting walls to connect or build around a dormer without getting gaps where the new wall meets the dormer wall. After first placing the dormers (auto dormer) in the roof plane (with appropriate knee wall and roof construction) everything looks beautiful from inside and outside. But as soon as I try to frame or place an internal wall that butts up to, or touches the dormer wall I get holes appear in the dormer wall that show either inside wall construction or the roof plane with a view outside. For example, connecting one dormer side wall to another dormer using an internal wall (to enclose the area from the knee wall to create a ceiling high wall at the ceiling/roof slope transition). I have tried extending the internal wall into the dormer wall and visa versa, It seems no matter what I do to the wall structure it still "explodes" the dormer construction. See image for two dormers where I am trying to enclose the space between the dormers. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks