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    Gap between floors

    Brilliant! That worked great. Thanks!
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    Gap between floors

    Hi guys ... I'm making a new house design, based on the Case Study architecture and I'm having a bit of trouble. The entire house will be designed in CMU block exterior wall, with a concrete slab foundation. The ground floor is a three car garage, the next floor -- a longer cantilevered floor -- will have a concrete floor (commercial building style) the third floor is the same size and shape as the ground floor garage and aligned with the garage. The roof over the cantilever portion of the 2nd floor is flat (very slight pitch to afford drainage) and will serve as a deck / patio for the 3rd floor.(see attached drawings) I've tried doing this and I can't get the flooring correctly and there is a significant gap in the elevation / doll house projections that I've been unable to eliminate with the structure settings. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2016 and I've attached the design file in case anyone wants to see. Case Study House.plan