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    Home designer pro 17 and wall framing details

    I said in topic home designer pro 17, I see the different areas for different software. I guess my confusion stands from the fact that I specifically asked the software sellers before I purchased this software if I could create wall framing detail drawings and I was told yes. So I figured I was missing something or could just not figure out how to create. So I guess if it is not possible with home designer pro 17 software. I need to pull up emails where I was told I could and contact them for a refund since this is why I purchased the software to start with.
  2. I am hoping someone can help me I have home designer pro 17 and and I am trying to create a wall framing detail ie drawing. Everything i can find says to create the framing then select the wall you want to detail and then hit open wall detail. The problem is that option is nowhere to be found. I am hoping someone can tell me how to create a wall framing drawing.