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    Break wall tool not working - hopefully easy fix

    Hi there, thank you so much for the help. We are running windows 7 although oddly enough we have had a more positive experience in the past with this program using windows 8 since we switched from xp. This program is installed on the same brand and model of computers as our other programs (ASUS) Thanks again,
  2. Hi there, hoping for a little assistance. Although i know there is not tech support for HDPro 8 anymore i needed to install a version of it on one of our computers. For what ever reason when attempting to use the wall break tool it will not work... at all. After wall break (Ctrl is selected than we choose the wall we want to break it Instead gives a quick flash and selects the wall as if we never wanted to wall break it. Again, useing HD Pro 8. We have HD Pro 8 on 5 other computers as well as a couple with HD Pro 14. We have never experienced this kind of issue. Current update has also been applied.. Thank you very much for the help. UrbanMeasure