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    Decrease square foot of a plan

    Been working hard on a floor plan and have it laid out just the way we want it. There are a couple of areas that are really just large traffic areas and a waste of space. Our builder suggested cutting out a 2 ft strip across the entire house plan. Is there a way to do that simply without having to recreate the whole plan? We can adjust the interior walls as needed but we want to keep the basic design the same. I have attached a view of the plan. The main area of wasted square footage is in the family room/entry area. I am using Home Design Pro 2017. King_Bridge_Farm_Original.plan
  2. I've started creating my floor plan and have decided to change the construction to ICF on all exterior walls and foundation. Is there a way to tell the program to change them all without having to redesign? Like a change all? I did change my default settings for exterior walls to ICF, found that by accident, so now I can continue in that style, but the existing plan is regular construction and would like to be able to easily adjust those all to ICF. My product is Home Design Suite 2017.