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  1. Thank you. An easy fix once you know the trick!
  2. I'm in Home Designer Pro 2022. I often have difficulty finding the rotate handle when I highlight an object. I guess it's gray by default; so it often "hides" among the other gray objects in the area. I can always find it eventually but it's sometimes like searching for Waldo. Is there any way to make this thing more prominent: Like making it bigger or changing the color of it to something bright? Thank you.
  3. Thank you Eric. I'll get after that this morning and report back -- after my first cup. -- JimC
  4. And yes, that 18 x 24 page size limitation in the 2017 version has become an issue....
  5. Thanks for assisting. What I'm trying to do is pretty uncomplicated. I'm not trying to create a flat ceiling. Nor am I trying to create a ceiling plane that uses the underside of the roof rafters as the "ceiling". I'm simply trying to input scissor trusses, in which case the underside of the bottom chords forms the ceiling. And so I followed what appeared to be a very straight forward tutorial to do so until it led to a dead end (because this uncheck of "flat ceiling over this room" feature is apparently unavailable in my not-so-old software). Perhaps that tutorial, which is supposedly applicable to fairly recent versions of Home Designer Pro like mine, should either be taken down or revised so that it gives proper instructions for creating a scissor truss ceiling. Just a suggestion... JimC Home Designer Pro 2017
  6. Here's the screen shot per your request. JimC Home Designer Pro 2017
  7. In Pro, I’m trying to create a vaulted ceiling in a single story house with scissor trusses. I started by trying to follow these instructions which supposedly apply to both Pro and Premier: But those instructions were of no help once I got to paragraph 2 of “To Build a Ceiling”. The STRUCTURE panel of the Room Specification dialog is supposed to contain the feature “Flat Ceiling Over This Room”. And I’m supposed to uncheck the box next to it. But that feature isn’t even there. I even tried to creating a practice structure -- a simple single story box floor plan with no luck creating a vaulted ceiling. What's the issue here and how can I correct it? Thank you.