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  1. I am using HD Pro '15 and have noticed that there are cabinets used in "Grouped Island" and "Grouped Kitchen" that I can not find in the Core Catalog. I was wondering if there are other links or sites where I can download additional cabinet options? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a two part question regarding layouts and importing pdf's. I currently use Pro 2015. First - I am having problems importing a pdf onto a "layout" page. I select "import" then import the pdf file. The pdf I select only imports the lower left corner of the pdf page. It seems as if I need to change the size so that it will import the entire page. Any suggestions? Secondly, I am looking for the best way to import a floor plan and add my own notes to the plan to share with my contractor. I thought I could import a pdf of a floor plan onto a layout sheet, Then add text to the plan. Is there a better way to accomplish this? Thank you for any suggestions!
  3. Ok Thank you Mick!
  4. Hi everyone, I am having problems changing the tile layout for a bathroom. So far I copied a tile from Daltile (StarkWhite EX01) and made a copy and pasted it into my User catalog. I successfully changed the size and changed it from "tile" to "Brick" to change the layout. I was able to change the size but the layout is giving me problems. I want a brick layout, but I can not get it to show up in my rendering as brick layout. It seems correct in the sample box photo, but it does not show up as brick layout on the floor. It is a straight run. Am I missing a step? Thanks for any advice!
  5. Thank you so much! The video was a huge help!!
  6. HI, Can anyone give me any pointers on how to create this fireplace please? I tried breaking it into several shapes and stacking them to create the overall look, but I can not figure out how to create a triangular shape for the angle sides. I always use the custom countertop to create custom items, but I cant change to a triangle on an elevation. Is this correct way to go about it? See attached pic to see the shape of the fireplace I am trying to create. Thank you for any help!!! J IMG_1667.pdf