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    Library Browser Blank

    The left panel was swept to the left edge since I was puzzled why the video showed three panels, not two panels. When I took Library Browser out, I saw double vertical line on the left and then swiped it right. Bingo. I wish I wrote that two panels shown in the first thing. Thank you so much!
  2. JeriRay

    Library Browser Blank

    There was another app Home Designer Suite 2017 and Library Browser showed contents but the Pro doesn't. I uninstalled both of them and reinstalled the Pro only. Library Browser is still blank.
  3. JeriRay

    Library Browser Blank

    Did both including rebooting. Nothing fixes.
  4. JeriRay

    Library Browser Blank

    Home Designer Pro Version 2017. Is it expired?
  5. JeriRay

    Library Browser Blank

    Why do I get blank on Library Browser? (any item not shown) My version is Home Designer Pro 2017. Catalogs are downloaded successfully and updated but not shown on the panes. Filters are clear. I check file management folders are correct. I download some user catalogs and imported library. The message for example reads "34 items have been imported". When I searched a door for example, a pointer over a button to stop search, a little message shows "Your search returned 427 results". It's still empty. I think it was my first time to use Library Browser since installation or upgrade to Pro. Thank you for your help. Mike