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  1. I hadn't spent much time on the file so I'm just going to start again. Some weird stuff happened, like a weird error message, and my computer rebooted (or something), and so it's no surprise that something was wrong with that file. I just got this new pc (it's probably too advanced for me), and I'm still trying to figure everything out. Lol. But thanks for trying to help.
  2. Thank you Eric, Selecting Fill Window does not do anything (nothing changes, still a "blank" appearing file). Perhaps I did delete everything, although I cannot imagine how that could have happened. Why don't I have a grid in this file anymore though? What could cause that?
  3. My signature is not right. I using the very latest version of Home Designer Pro.
  4. I've used Home Designer Suite but it's been a few years so I've forgotten a lot. I don't remember anything like this happening before though.
  5. I'm new to the software (Home Designer Pro, latest version) so this is probably a very basic question. I started a plan and got all the exterior walls drawn. When I open the file now though, the file looks empty and the grid is gone. I suspect that I'm just zoomed out (or in) way too much and I can't see my elements. What Should I do other than start again?
  6. I was trying to design a built-in bench for a shower. I used the stair tool > landing to build the bench. I realize there's probably a better way to do this, but I'm just playing around right now and the "landing" looked okay as a bench. I wanted to cover the bench in the same tile as the floor, and the floor is covered in the "floor finish default: Dust." I can't seem to see what "Dust" is composed of though.
  7. This is the process I've followed: Edit > Default Settings > Floors and Rooms > Current Floor > Materials > Floor Finish Default: Cherry - MP Plank > Select Material After selecting Cherry - MP Plank, I'm taken to the library, but no materials are selected.
  8. Thanks Eric, I've now put that info in my signature. When starting my plan I selected the Chic/Modern template, and I think this issue has something to do with that template selection. It's odd though because other material defaults clearly link to items in the library, while these floor finishes do not. For example, wall color clearly connects to a color (white) in my library. When I select wall color, the link to the exact color in my library is shown. If I select floor finish in the material defaults dialogue though, it's as if it's disconnected from any library items. I used the program briefly a few years ago, but just upgraded.
  9. The floor finish material default in my plan (for living room) is displaying as Default: Cherry - MP Plank, but Cherry - MP Plank occurs nowhere in the library. Similarly, the floor finish material default for bathroom is displaying as Default: Dust. However, Dust is only a color in the library I have, without texture. I'm confused as to why I'm seeing material defaults that don't appear to be composed of items from the library.
  10. I'm new to the program and I can't figure out how to add a carport to the front of my house design. It's just a roof overhang on posts extending over the driveway.
  11. skeptic

    Concrete porch

    I just started with the program. How do I add a simple concrete porch to the front of my house design? It needs one step. I used a deck object and, while that did fill the appropriate space, it doesn't look right.