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  1. I am using Home Designer Pro 2021. I would like to edit the list of default room names to delete a few I will never use such as Basement and Crawl Space. I went to Edit>Default Settings>Floors and Rooms>Room Types>Edit. I can rename but cannot seem to delete. I renames several by adding a Z to the beginning of the name--that at least put them at the very bottom of the list. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I have attached a file to illustrate my question. When I create a monolithic slab, there is often a 12" wide, 4" tall concrete beam to runs the perimeter of my living areas. It shows in the 3-D views and I don't want it there. What setting do I need to change? I tried setting the stem wall height to 0 but it keeps changing back to 4. Thanks. 1.pdf
  3. Under text styles, I have the Room Label Style default set at 15 for the font size. That worked for the entire time I have used Chief Products (20+ years). Now when I generate a room label but clicking in a space and selecting from the drop-down list in the room Specification Dialog, the text has only a font size of 6. When I click on the label itself and then open the Text Style in the Room Label Specification menu, I find the Use Custom Text Style button is selected. I want the Room Label to default to the Room Label Style. I have checked in Defaults under Rooms>Room Label Defaults but I do not see a Text style to select. I only see Text, Attributes, Line Style, and Fill Style. None of these give me the open to select the Room Label Style as my default. Help, please. I am tired of having to individually select the text and change the default style.
  4. I just upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2017. Where is the button to align tool for walls. I want to align specifics walls between floors. Thanks.