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  1. We saw great submissions for May's Remodel/Addition Design Contest; congratulations to our 3 winners:


    1st Place – Rodante Habacon Bernabe of R. H. Bernabe Enterprises
    2nd Place – Emma Baumann, a high school student
    3rd Place – Sandra Lukas


    View all of the great submissions. 


    June’s Design Contest is Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design.

    The entry deadline is June 22nd; get your submissions in early so you can start accumulating votes!




    Visit ChiefBlog to learn how to enter:

    Can't wait to see what you have been creating! Good Luck!

  2. On Thursday, May 21 at noon, our trainer and renderer extraordinaire, Kay Lockhart, wants to talk to you about rendering in Chief Architect!




    Register to attend her LIVE demo, and ask your own rendering questions during the Q & A segment we host during wrap-up.


    We'll host another #ChiefChallenge, where you can take the information that you've learned and put it into action. Post your work to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag to be entered to win some Chief goodies!


    See the other upcoming demos, happening every Thursday!


  3. Terrain.thumb.jpg.ad0b0aed011b696cf19197d6008bc37d.jpg


    Join us and remember to take notes! We'll give you homework with our #ChiefChallenge, and we'll send Chief Gear to a few of you who have proven to pay attention and participate with your posts. Pumped!


    If you missed the webinar, watch the recording here:


    Find the reference files here:


    Make sure to register and join us at high-noon on Thursdays!

  4. Home Designer Boot Camp!


    If you are evaluating Home Designer or just getting started using it, our Boot Camp webinars are a great way to learn the basics, and best of all, they’re FREE!


    In these live sessions, we will cover the following topics:

    • Getting started
    • Defaults and preferences
    • Floor plans
    • Roofs and ceilings
    • Framing
    • Kitchens and baths
    • 3D rendering

    View the schedule and sign up:

  5. Are you interested in continuing your education and learning more about the additional features in our professional software products?


    We have extended our schedule for Free Thursday webinars!

    Visit our website to register for topics of interest, where you can also pre-ask questions you have. Our presenters will answer them for you LIVE in the demo!

  6. Thank you for posting your question.  While roof layers are not available in Home Designer Pro (they are in our Chief Architect Premier version), it does include  OSB sheathing for your roof planes automatically.  You can change this roof sheathing material to plywood or other material.  You will find this material control in the "Build Roof" dialog box in the "Materials" tab.  The roof sheathing is also calculated in the Materials List so you have the quantity as well.


    Kind regards,



    Chief Architect Sales

  7. If you find you've got extra time on your hands, here's a fun way to spend your time (wait for it)... constructively.

    Learn a new skill or dream up your next project with one of our software packages.


    We are offering some discounts to make the transition easier!




    Visit our website to get the details.

  8. Thank you for the question.  I am not aware of a specific iPhone app for capturing elevation data and I have heard that the accuracy of the elevation data from a smartphone may not be accurate enough to produce acceptable results (particularly with complex terrain).  Most that are capturing elevation data are using a higher end GPS unit. Note that the app or GPS unit you use will need to be able to export the points you capture in a GPX file type.  Here is a training video with information about the terrain data import process.


    Consider posting this in the Q&A section of the Home Talk forum.  There may be some users out there that have direct experience with an iPhone app that can plot and export terrain data.  Most users are not looking at the "Sales Related Questions" area of the forum.


    Kind regards,


    Chief Architect Software

  9. Tiffany,


    Thank you for the question. If you are already using Room Planner, you will be able to continue using it.  It is not available to purchase or download a s new app, but existing users can still access and download Room Planner.  We received feedback from customers that the Room Planner app was lacking in detail and accuracy for capturing as-builts.  Chief Architect is if focusing development resources on the desktop apps for OSX and Windows and the 3D Viewer on mobile to ensure we continue to lead the market with these products. 


    Many are using Home Designer on a laptop or tablet computer such as the Microsoft Surface to capture as-builts.  Leica offers Bluetooth compatible laser devices that will interface with the computer and Home Designer, so that the measurements will go directly into the Home Designer similar to Room Planner. Here is a help article on how to hook up a Leica device with Home Designer.


    Kind regards,



    Chief Architect Software



  10. Michael,

    Thank you for the question.  Yes, Home Designer 2020 and Chief Architect X11 will support the Mac OS Catalina.


    Feel free to contact us with any questions. 208-292-3400 or


    Kind regards,



    Chief Architect Software

  11. Thank you for the question.  If you purchased an upgrade from Home Designer Pro to Chief Architect ($500 discount off the price of Premier), we add Premier to your existing Product Key for Home Designer Pro.  The Pro version will still work and can be used for archival purposes, but you will not be able to run Pro and Premier on different computers at the same time.  For example, if Pro is running on "Computer A", you will not be able to open Premier on "Computer B" until you make the license available.


    Here is a Knowledge Base article about using Chief on multiple computers.  The software security is described in this article applies to managing the license when you upgrade from Pro to Premier.


    Feel free to contact Sales with any questions at 208-292-3400 or email


    Kind regards,



    Chief Architect Software

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for the feedback about the print model feature.  This feature was removed in the Home Designer 2020 version.


    I will submit your request about the print model feature as well as your feedback about the Loan Calculator and Reverse Plan features.


    Kind regards,


    Derek Pedersen

    Chief Architect Software

  13. Thank you for the question.  Yes, you can upgrade Home Designer Pro to Chief Architect Interiors or Premier.  You get a $500 discount off the price of Chief Architect (the discount applies to both versions).  Below is a link to make the upgrade purchase to the Chief Architect Premier version (note you will need to enter your Pro product key during the checkout process).  If you would like to upgrade to Interiors, you will need to give our sales office a call at 208-292-3400.  The upgrade to Interiors is not available for online purchase.


    Pro to Premier Upgrade:


    Kind regards,


    Derek Pedersen

    Chief Architect Software