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  1. Sometimes I really don’t understand some software house companies. The tool for grouping objects is at least the minimal you need when working with objects don’t matter if it’s the trimmed version or the full power version of the software. I’m software developer too and I know If the tool exists for the pro version then it’s just a parameter on/off during the compilation of the software, meaning they turn it off intentionally for the suite, interiors etc. Anyway, Can someone do me a favor and group the two wall lights I’ve put together in this plan, then export the object? Thanks. PS.: This is other thing I’m disappointed with home designer, The lights in the library is for an 19th century house. I live in 2016 with cool fancy LEDs all over the place. Unfortunately I don't know how to import light source from Sketchup like I do for 95% of the furniture I use in my plan. Double Direction Wall Light.plan
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    Interiors 2017 Mac Version missing tools

    Thanks very much, Now I understand.
  3. I'm starting in the HD Interiors 2017 and going through the articles and tutorials, I'm upset 'cause I can't move on. Most of the things I want and I see in the articles is not available in the Mac version. This is an example: From the article KB-00809, "Converting an Object into a Symbol", It applies to Premier and Interiors However I can't find the Tools> Symbol> Convert to Symbol . There is no "Symbol" in the Tools Menu Is the Mac version lacking the tools?