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  1. that is perfect! Thank you for the information. The viewer is a real useful tool.
  2. I'm trying to share Home Designer Architectural 2017 files onto Chief Architect Viewer X8. The basic plan is there, but it is horribly missing details such as textures etc. I've imported all the additional calibz files I used and had it installed and pointed to the search file option. However, it still complains things are missing and doesn't improve the situation. It seems the files that are also missing are base files, but I don't know how to get those. Also, I recently imported a floor texture library and I know I copied that over and that's not showing up. Just wondering if there's anything to be done. Thanks
  3. comatose

    Printing one rom

    Sorry, Home Designer Architectural 2017
  4. comatose

    Printing one rom

    This is a very beginner question I'm sure, but I had trouble finding it. I'd like to zoom in on one room and print that one room only. This would be like a bathroom renovation type thing. Also when I zoom in, I've noticed that the measurements are like super huge - so other than trying to figure out a font resize for each measurement, is there a way to do this in a zoomed in, one room only mode? This is both for working on it and printing it.
  5. BINGO! That was it! It had the same exact (almost) style, Thank you so much!
  6. Hi all- I have Home Designer Architectural 2017 and could not find Terrazzo or even something close. Well some of the stone looked like it a little bit but how do I simulate it or download it from somewhere? Thanks.