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    Roof causing interior wall problems

    Forgot to thank you for the help. Thanks for the help. I was able to restore the entry & middle landing platforms after resetting to defaults, but there were other issues I was unable to overcome. I had to move on. So when I need any 3D screenshots of that interior hallway/stairway, I'll just delete my 12 in 12 roof section temporarily. Thanks again.
  2. FooBear

    Roof causing interior wall problems

    My bad. Version is in my signature now (HD Pro 2020) Also attached is a the plan with the 12 in 12 roof and mutated interior walls underneath the closet. Showing problem for forum.plan
  3. FooBear

    Roof causing interior wall problems

    I'm trying to get from the roof on the left to the roof on the right. Clearly, I was able to do it, but it's causing me problems elsewhere (more on that later.) This is an attempted as-built drawing of an existing condo unit. Here's how I did it, pictorially. (And yes, that is how the stair landing area is framed. A teeny tiny unused space behind the 2 foot deep, partial-height closet on the landing.) This was with auto-rebuild roofs on. And yes you may see some weirdness in the plan. I've been trying to build it with an eye to capturing the interior dimensions as accurately as possible. For instance, if you do it my way with my dimensions, the ridge looks a little funny. If I use a different value for the baseline of the 12 in 12 roof, I can get it to line up perfectly at the ridge, but I'd prefer to have the more accurate ceiling heights inside. So here's the problem. When I add my steep 12 in 12 roof using the method above, it messes up the walls I have underneath the stairs to the loft. Like so: It doesn't matter if the stairs and walls are there before the 12 in 12 roof, or the roof goes on first, and then I try adding the stairs and the walls - I get the same results. There was an error message once, something about the room having a negative ceiling height, but it never came back and I didn't tell it not to appear anymore, so I don't know why it hasn't popped up again. I did try doing this by turning off auto roofs, deleting all the roof planes and adding them in manually, but there were too many problems I couldn't figure out how to fix. Floating walls and framing above the roof. The siding on the one gable wall not automatically turning into interior-4 under the roof line, etc. I've included a copy of the plan prior to putting in the 12 in 12 section of roof. Any help appreciated. Drawing for forums.plan
  4. FooBear

    Wall intersection issue

    This is for an as-built drawing for a condo unit. I did a simplified plan to illustrate the issue. It feels like it should be solvable with the wall intersection options, but I must just be too dumb to figure it out. Drawing 1: note the dropped entry. I did this by creating the entry space with the as-built interior wall and an invisible wall and dropped that room 39" relative to the rest of the plan (0" is the first floor level, entry is -39"). I know I could do this using the technique described in KB-00269 - Creating a Split Level Entry, but I've had better success with the rest of my plan by doing it this other way. I can provide more details on why, if you need them. Drawing 2 illustrates the problem. This condo has a cantilevered living room. When I pull back the foundation wall to create the cantilever, you can see some of the framing and a gap to the lower left of the door. I have experimented with the wall intersection options but could not get that to go away. I've also tried doing things in different orders (do cantilever 1st, then drop entry, etc.) The best I could do was by turning on "Balloon through ceiling above" for the foundation wall, which got rid of the gap, but left the framing (see drawing 3). I've attached the simplified sample plan too. Probably wouldn't care as much if it wasn't right next to the front door! Any help appreciated. HDPro 2020, Win10 Documenting foundation issue for forums.plan
  5. FooBear

    Cabinet fillers not working as described

    Okay, I sent it to support as a possible bug. The 3" cabinet workaround works well too, thank you. For anyone else that wants to do it, I had to go into Edit/Default Settings.../Cabinets/General Cabinet and change the minimum cabinet width from 9" to 3". And for each filler cabinet I made, I suppressed the label in the "label" section of the cabinet properties page to reduce the visual noise of a label like BCW330R over a 3" cabinet.
  6. HD Architectural 2016 ( The Kitchen I'm designing will need both wall and base fillers, and according to the help file "If two cabinets meeting at a corner are separated from each other by 3”(75 mm) or less, the program will automatically generate a filler in the angle between them." I'm finding that I have to be UNDER 3" for it to occur. From a programming perspective it feels like they're checking for "distance < 3", when it should be "distance <= 3". Do I have to try to force them all to be 2 15/16" apart?