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    Exterior wall materials don't change, roof issues.

    OK, here it is. shed1.plan
  2. New user of Home Designer Architectural 2015. Designing a simple shed. 1. I define wall exterior materials for each wall. 2. I go to a 3D view 3. Some walls don't change and stay with a previous selection. I select the wall and make sure the exterior siding matches what I selected and it is OK, but one or more 3D view walls revert back to a previously selected color. What am I doing wrong? I want to create a simple open gable roof, but the program won't let me and keeps creating a hip roof. I finally got it to create a gable roof, but then I made a wall height change to 8 ft, and now I have a jerkenhead roof I can't change If I select a roof style, it takes me to a help function instead of creating the roof style I selected. What's up with that?