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  1. Thanks LawB10. I tried the method above of creating a wall for the light to mount to but had problems with that. So, I installed two post lights in the far corners to give light. In order for them to 'cast' their light onto the ground I have that if I position my camera to the left side (southwest) of the main building, and go to preferences then click video card status then click ok, it will render the pool corner lights as on (casting light) after orbiting over to the pool area. Kind of strange but works. I guess the software includes these pool lights as part of the eight allowed when viewing the southwest side of the building.
  2. Great, I'll give that a try. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you Eric. I should have known this. I am using Suite 2017. I did some searches but came up with unrelated pool stuff. I also downloaded some content "Poolside and Sauna" hoping to find something there but to no avail. Maybe I am asking for something not doable in Suite 2017, and that's ok. I'll do some workaround. I hope this picture is viewable. Regards
  4. Hello, I am curious as to how to create a pool light. My drawing looks great but when I turn off sun light there is no light in the pool. The other lights look great. Thanks in advance! Dennis
  5. Thanks crosscutter! Good advice. For the time being I am sort of absorbed learning Corel Draw X8, and building a website attributed to residential remodeling - namely avoiding the pitfalls that have plagued way too many naive, yet innocent, homeowners. I will be doing a video titled something like "Understanding your plans" and in it I will explain things like interior elevations pages, electrical pages, floor plan pages, and you guessed it, title pages. In other words, I want to create plans that resemble actual architectural plans. Shoot, I might have to go with AutoCad. So I guess I have some investigating to do. Take care-
  6. Thanks for your input Rookie65. I might have to do something similar. David, I might just upgrade to the Chief Premier when I can afford it. Seems like I am constantly chasing features only allowed on some version I don't have. That's just the way it goes. Appreciate the help! Dennis
  7. Hello, Been using HD Suite for about 6-7 years now and think the world of it! I usually do only small examples of residential floor plans for my website. Now I have a need to create a title page where I can fill in my name as the designer, my address and contact info, perhaps insert a list of all the pages included in the plans ie: interior elevations, exterior elevations, electrical pages, proposed demolition, etc. Also to list the jobsite address. You know, just like the first page of any plans drawn up by a pro. Do I need to upgrade to Pro for this type of feature? Or I am missing something obvious? I am using HD Suite 2016. Thanks in advance, Dennis
  8. How do I add a ceiling receptacle for garage door opener. HD Suite changes from a wall mount receptacle to a WP receptacle automatically. Anyway I can download a 'ceiling receptacle' icon? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the info LawB10. I'll give this a try.
  10. Thanks for the info solver. Am I missing something- you asked if I could mention version etc. I mentioned I am using HD Suite 2017.
  11. Hello, First time poster here. I tried a search for 'main electric meter' in the library search box but came up empty handed. Does anyone know of this type of symbol? I am using HD Suite 2017. Thanks in advance for any advice given. Regards, Dennis