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  1. toller65

    Deleting a Roof Plane Over deleted Garage

    Kbird1 - I really appreciate the help! I will tackle it today and let you know where I end up.
  2. toller65

    Deleting a Roof Plane Over deleted Garage

    Well, as I feared, when I turn on the Auto Rebuild Roofs things really get whacky.... I attached the plan file as well if someone wants to take a look. Thanks 26Oct2014_410_West_Bay_Rd_Deleted Garage.plan
  3. I created a garage attached to my Cape Cod style home, and now I have deleted it - all except the roof (see attached image). Is there a way to delete sections of a roof (roof planes?) without deleting the entire roof? Creating the roof for this Cape Cod home was difficult, and I hate to think I would have to delete the whole thing and re-build. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. toller65

    Crazy Roof Plane

    That's what I ended up doing, deleting and re-building the roof, thanks
  5. toller65

    Crazy Roof Plane

    I can't seem to get rid of a roof plane that has shown up in my drawing. I have checked all roof tabs for each wall on 1st and 2nd floors and all looks normal - any suggestions? Thanks! Home Designer Suite 2015
  6. toller65

    Number of Floors/Stories Problem

    Thanks everyone!
  7. toller65

    Number of Floors/Stories Problem

    Hi, new user here - Home Designer Suite 2015. I am trying to set up the design of an 1850s farmhouse that i recently purchased and am having trouble with the number of floors. The attached image shows a basic two-story house with 10.5:12" roof pitch, with a 1st floor, a very short 2nd floor, and Attic. What I would like to be able to create is a house with that geometry, but remove the attic floor (or 2nd story ceiling), resulting in a 2nd story with approx. 3 ft vertical walls where the sloping roof forms the overhangs. I think this is known as a 1.5-story home...? I have tried numerous ways to do this, but am stuck - I am missing something obvious I am sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, toller65