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    Printing a PDF with paper size 24" by 36"

    I forgot to mention that i'm new to Home Designer Pro. And i'm not good at figuring out how to respond to people who have provided feedback or solutions so I'm hoping this is the right way. I'm responding to "Solver". I've added my software and version to my signature as suggested. I'm trying Solver's suggestion to try half scale, but need to confirm the steps to take. I need to send this to a commercial printer so i don't know if it works until I pick up the print job and pay for each print out. Here's my approach: 1. Using my plan, I create a customized Drawing Sheet with a 24" by 36" height/width size and a scale of 1/4" = 1 foot. This gives me a sheet that fits what I'm trying to print. 2. Next i click on File, Print and the Print View window comes up. I click on "Save as PDF", then paper size of ARCH (12" x 18") and click under Drawing Scale "Check Plot at"... 1/2 Scale. My questions is: If I send this PDF to my commercial printer and tell him that I want him to print it on 24" by 36" and tell him to "Fit to Paper" will that give me a final print job with a 1/4" = 1' print out of my my 24" by 36" sheet? I'm not sure if telling to scale it up (double it size from 12" by 18" to 24" by 36") that I might end up with the line sizes being twice their normal size along with the print out. I know this sounds confusing but please help me with the right steps. It costs money to have the commercial printer do a trial and error print out. Thanks for your help. EdwardHolden
  2. I want to create a PDF file of my plan with a 1/4" = 1ft scale and have it print with a paper size of 24" by 36" to send to my local printer for printing. The built-in Chief Architect Print to PDF printer does not show a page size 24" by 36". The largest size it has is 18" by 24", so i keep getting the error message to reduce the printer size. I've read just about all of the help topics on this topic and can't get it to work. I've tried adding a print driver which supports 24" by 36" paper size but then i can't figure out how to print in a PDF format. I've tried downloading the printer "PDF959" which was suggested in the help topics but i wasn't able to get that to work either. Can't anyone help. This shouldn't be that hard but i'm doing something wrong. I have upgraded to Home Designer Pro version 2017 but that didn't help. Many thanks to anyone who responds with ideas. EdH