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    Adding Storage Shed to Existing Garage

    Jo Ann thank you for your input. As I am simply using HD to do a visual remodel I won't need to go that far...thanks for the suggestion though. We bought a home that is in need of a remodel which is why I purchased HD. It has been an invaluable tool as we have already gone through about 6 different designs. We are keeping the main house, bumping out the Great Room 15', enlarging the kitchen, adding a fireplace, making the upstairs a Master Suite with den, adding a guest room, breezeway, studio over the garage and storage shed. We would have never been able to visualize what we wanted without HD. I am using an Architectural Designer for ideas and our final blueprints so she will be handling most of the small details and run the design through a structural engineer. LawB10 thank you for reminding me of the "plan check"...very helpful. I will play with the outlets, switches and lighting. The house already has a lot of of that but some redesign and addition is in order and it will be good to work with it. I didn't think of working with the electrical in HD until you mentioned it! I also appreciate the suggestions on the master bath...thank you!
  2. ChiefMags

    Adding Storage Shed to Existing Garage

    Jo Ann, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Wow...For the living room dormer: That was easy...I thought that not being able to highlight the space above the great room I wouldn't be able to move the dormer but it worked...also in the past I don't remember being able to copy from one floor to the other...either my experience or product update changed that. As for the Screened Room and Shed I am no longer at a loss. I couldn't figure it out until thinking about all you were saying I change all walls to the same pitch and voila!! Then I made the shed the same as the screen in porch with 3 new walls and using the garage wall. Then figured out how to make one wall of the shed shorter by changing the ceiling height! Thanks to you my major issues are resolved!! Attached for you to see! If you have any other suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Warmly, Mags PS One minor detail. Is there a way when putting a gable over a door in a vaulted room the interior ceiling can match the interior ceiling line? Picture attached to hopefully make myself clear. 90 Tobin Lane Remodel-Deleted front dormers-3 door (2).zip
  3. ChiefMags

    Adding Storage Shed to Existing Garage

    Hello...I'm back. Jo Ann I don't see an easy way to make the changes you are suggesting. "You already have a 2nd floor, so reset the walls above the great room to not be attic/no definition. Designate the new room as 'open below' and set the finished ceiling to "0", and 'no ceiling over this room'. On floor 1, copy/paste in place the dormers to the 2nd floor. Back on the 1st floor, you can delete the dormers, which will eliminate the wall clutter." The room is only a single story and I didn't see a way to change the walls to not be "attic". I very much appreciate your suggestions to "clean things up" but this room works for what I need it to do and am not sure it is worth my time to correct. Thank you though. However, I am a perfectionist so further direction would be appreciated if you feel they would be helpful. I added the storage shed. It is the correct size but the roof line is too tall and I want it attached to the garage. Also the one wall on the north should be 7'. Maybe I should have created a porch rather than a room? Suggestions appreciated. I also created our screened in porch with the same issue. I need to be able to adjust the pitch of the roof. Let me know if you need additional information. Thank you! Mags 90 Tobin Lane Remodel-Deleted front dormers-3
  4. ChiefMags

    Adding Storage Shed to Existing Garage

    Eric I have updated my signature, I thought putting Home Designer Suite 2018 in tabs would let you know what version I was working with. I will try your suggestions and be in touch. Jo Ann thank you for your clean up suggestions...very helpful. I will be in touch in regards to your suggestions as soon as possible. Mags
  5. ChiefMags

    Adding Storage Shed to Existing Garage

    I have been attempting to add a storage shed to the right (north) side of the garage. I have tried adding a porch and adding a separate room but am having major issues with the roof. I am able to create a shed roof but it is created much too high, especially on the garage side. As a porch it interferes with the dormer.I want the shed to butt up to the right (north) side of the garageI want the right side to be the garage wallI want the roof to come beneath the garage roof so that snow will shed on to the shed roof.I want the far right wall of the shed to be approx. 6' high.I want it to be open in the front.I appreciate any help you can give me.Thank you,Margaret 90 Tobin Lane